Depression Medicine

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About The Contributors

This site has been written to give a little general information on some of the ways Traditional Chinese Medicine is used both for patients who may or do have depression and in general. Whilst comments are welcome, the site does not answer medical queries as there are no doctors available. Depression can be a serious illness, so please seek medical help if you feel you are affected, or encourage someone else who may be affected to do so. Similarly, no information here should ever be used as medical advice of any sort, or used as the basis to make any medical decision. Many thanks for your understanding and hope you find the pages interesting.

This site was started by Daniel Clarke, who has a science background and in the tradition of good experiments, tried some shiatsu to see if it worked. Daniel then moved onto Traditional Chinese Medicine and in both cases was astounded to find that there were some effects happening from having the sessions. He started the site to share some information without pushing any particular products for sale, to provoke discussion and thought. Other contributors have knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are drawn from varying professional backgrounds.